Abundant Blessings, East Bay

Halos for Haiti

A woman digs with a machete as she builds a temporary home in a spontaneous camp for quake survivors being established in Croix-des-Bouguets, Haiti, north of the capital Port-au-Prince. Quake survivors continue to move as aftershocks continue, and reports of aid deliveries in one camp will provoke families from other camps to migrate there.

In the fall of 2022 we began a project to send food over to the struggling areas of Haiti. Organizations that we have worked with in the past, have reported a high level of food insecurity along with a growing level of inflation. Inspired by another program, we took it upon ourselves to send food supplies directly to the source. Utilizing our community partners, we were quickly able to collect 2500 pounds of food to send to these vulnerable areas. The food we have collected will feed a great number of people and will give them opportunities to create a better way of life.


In addition to the food supplies, we are also starting a sponsorship program so that we can send young women to trade school. For a small amount, a young woman can learn a trade that will enable her to provide for herself and her family. With each sponsorship donation, we will be able to get more women off the streets and strengthen families as well as the economy.